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Annandale Distillery


Annandale Distillery is closer than you think, located 2 hours from Glasgow, and just 30 minutes from Carlisle and Dumfries.

Visit the first distillery in Scotland, the home of award winning 'Man O'Words' and 'Man O'Sword' single malts.

Discover the story behind the distillery, abandoned for nearly 100 years before being reborn in 2014.

Explore the history and science behind the flavours. 


Visit Robert Burns favourite howff - The Globe Inn

Explore lunch, dinner and private dining menus in our 1610 restaurant, each item can be perfectly complimented from our second to none drinks offering. Serving over 300 whiskies from around the world including Annandale Distillery’s Man O’ Words, inspired by the Globe’s most famous drinker, Robert Burns.

An impressive selection of fine wines, in addition to classic, contemporary and signature cocktails mean you will never be short of inspiration at the Globe Inn.

Then head to Burns' favourite howff - the world famous Globe Inn - Please Note* The Globe Inn is only open Wednesday to Saturday with limited tour spaces call 01387323010 or email Kenno on


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