Vintage 2015 Man O'Words – Ex-Bourbon Cask 150 (61.6%ABV)

Annandale Distillery

“...the malt positively cascades onto the palate, a ridiculous amount of spices hanging on to its coat-tails...[89.5]”

That’s what Jim Murray said about Annandale’s inaugural 2014 release of Man O’Words in his 2019 Whisky Bible. 

We were delighted!

But what Jim said about our 2015 release of Man O’Words, (Cask 2015/149) in his 2020 Whisky Bible simply blew our minds… and he awarded us an amazing [94] points.

Here’s a short extract:

“… young whisky which means that the barley is shewing like it will never shew again…so fresh and sexy (we like ‘sexy’); pre-pubescent it may be, but without the phenols (of Man O’Sword), you can really see how this whisky ticks. For a start, it has been brilliantly made…”

Jim goes on to say…

“…I was doing some quality control checks at a warehouse in Scotland and there, much to my surprise, were a whole bunch of recently filled quietly maturing Annandale casks. You have no idea how I wanted to break from my designated work to sneakily crack open a few of these Lowland barrels to see how they were getting on.  I think I should arrange a return visit…”

Kind of says it all really. You’re welcome any time Mr Murray!

The cask Jim tasted (Cask 2015/149) has sold out but we’ve recently bottled Cask 2015/150. Made as part of the same batch but matured for an additional 13 months, we dare to suggest that it’s possibly even better!

Collections: Our Malts, Vintage 2015

Type: Alcohol

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