Cask 2016/544, 61.1%abv is a Spanish oak hogshead filled with Annandale’s peated Man O’Sword spirit. The profusion of flavour compounds extracted from the more open grain of the Spanish oak adds richness and depth to our highly acclaimed peated spirit, delivering a complex yet beautifully balanced Single Malt. (According to our Co-Founder, David Thomson, this is one of the best whiskies he has ever tasted and it’s currently his Single Malt of choice.)

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Cask 2016/588, 61.4%abv is an American oak hogshead filled with unpeated Man O’Words spirit. As the extraction of flavour from American oak is slower than from Spanish oak, the effect on our unpeated spirit is more subtle, adding richness, depth and complexity to Annandale’s characteristic fruitiness. The overall effect is of sensory maturity, well-beyond its years.

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