Single Malt or Blended Scotch?

We have four stock blends for you to choose from. Premium peated or unpeated, Ultra-Premium Peated or unpeated. If you prefer single malt choose from four different cask types, in either peated or unpeated styles.

All twelve whiskies are available between 46% abv and Cask Strength. WIth mature whisky ranging from three to seven years old.

Create your own whisky with our expert team - from barrel to bottle.

Choose your whisky bottle, cork, capsule, label and packaging.

Oxygen Bottle

This sleek and modern bottle design from Saver Glass in France is the same premium bottle used for our award-winning Man O' Sword and Man O' Words bottlings.

Tall Round Bottle

This industry standard is a classic design suitable for all styles and brands.


These stock 5cl miniatures are available in three different bottle shapes. That can be personalised to your bespoke label design.


Choose either the classic and robust 'Tube' with tin closures or the handled gift bottle bag both of which can be tailored to your brand design and come in a variety of colours.

These fit both the Oxygen and Tall Round Bottles.

Choose and personalise one of our stock labels below, or work with our design team and create your very own whisky brand!

See below for some examples of existing clients and ideas

Make your dream a reality

Contact Annandale Distillery Group Commercial Director & Distillery General Manager David Ashton-Hyde on or for further details click here.