Virtual Tour Drams

Annandale Distillery

Our Virtual Tour Sample set includes the five drams you would enjoy while on our classic tour. Based on 2x25ml samples to share or savour for later. 
50ml Samples of...
Our Outlaw King peated blend. 
Unpeated Rascally Liquor New Make Spirit (63.5%abv) 
2015 Man O'Words Single Cask Single Malt (60%abv)*
Peated Rascally Liquor New Make Spirit (63.5%abv)  
2015 Man O'Sword Single Cask Single Malt (60%abv)*
Keep an eye on out on our social media channels for the Virtual Tour's! 
Next Virtual Tour date will be on Facebook Live 
Friday 27th March 4.30 pm (GMT) 
*Single Malt ABV's variable due to Angel's Share, but average at 60%abv 






Collections: Our Blends, Our Malts, Rascally Liquor

Type: Alcohol

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