Man O'Words 2015 Release - Bourbon Cask

Annandale Distillery

'...the malt positively cascades onto the palate, a ridiculous amount of spices hanging on to its coat-tails...'

We're incredibly proud of Jim Murray's review of our inaugural 2014 release, so we're even more excited to unveil our 2015 release.

Annandale's smooth unpeated spirit is distilled in twin copper pot spirit stills and matured in once-used fresh bourbon casks to create a distinctive, smoky Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Each bottle in this release is individually marked with cask and bottle number, and presented in a new and striking gift box.


Clean and sweet with initial mixed fruit, apple sauce with traces of nectarine and melon. This gives way to creamy vanilla and a florist shop of fresh flowers and green leaves. All is held together with an underlying earthy, pine-like note.


Green apples, honey and cream with a dry resinous note.


A lovely fresh whisky, it has excellent balance between fruit and vanilla and intriguing depth. A great lunchtime or sunny afternoon whisky for drinking with friends.

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