#Cask 760/2015 Vintage Man O'Sword - Sherry Cask

Annandale Distillery

2018 has been a year of firsts for Annandale Distillery.

In June, we selected a limited number of casks from our first 2014 production to produce the first Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Annandale Distillery for nearly 100 years.

Now, we proudly unveil another first - the first Annandale Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky to be matured in sherry butts. For this release, we were lucky enough to obtain authentic Oloroso Spanish oak sherry butts from Miguel Martin, Spain. These hard-to-come-by sherry butts were used to mature Spanish sherry time and time again.  Selected by Dr Jim Swan, they represent a singular approach to maturing single malt whisky. The result is a stunning depth of flavour.

We've selected just one cask of distinctive, smoky Man O'Sword from our 2015 production for this sherry release, and each bottle is individually marked with cask and bottle number, and presented in a striking gift box.


 A well balanced whisky between peat smoke and fruit flavours. A leather and smoky note slowly gives way to sweet cooked fruits of apple and pear with burnt orange highlights. A creamy vanilla note with toffee and honey develops with glace lemon and orange peel.


More fruit develops with peat smoke highlights and the long creamy aftertaste of a fine whisky.


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