Man O'Sword 2015 Release - Bourbon Cask

Annandale Distillery

' wonderfully clean: obviously enormous work as gone into getting the cuts this on the mark'

'...a young malt from a brand new distillery already punching way above its weight age-wise and in terms of complexity'

Jim Murray's review of our inaugural 2014 release couldn't have been much better, so it's with huge pride that we proudly launch our 2015 single cask release.

Annandale's smooth peated spirit is distilled in twin copper pot spirit stills and matured in once-used fresh bourbon casks to create a distinctively smoky, Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Each bottle in this 2015 release is individually marked with cask and bottle number, and presented in a new and striking gift box.


Initially an earthy, leafy note with complex peat smoke. This gives way to a medley of different tropical fruits mixed with treacle toffee, honey and butter. There is an underlying dry spicy note of pepper mixed with herbs.


Long and sweet with gentle smokiness and a lovely dry leathery note at the end


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