Rascally Liquor Wins Again!

July 23, 2019

Rascally Liquor Wins Again!

Our new make spirit ‘Rascally Liquor’ has won TWO more awards, that’s now 5 awards in just two years for Rascally Liquor! This spirit is really proving itself in a market where other new make spirits haven’t dared to go before.

The US-based Bartender Spirit Awards have very kindly given Rascally a bronze medal for the Peated and a Silver for the Unpeated Rascally Liquor.

We market Rascally Liquor as a base for cocktails mainly, but it is very nice on its own, just respect its 63.5% abv. We also have a 46% bottle ideal for cocktails and standard house mixers in pubs.  

But Rascally really thrives in the mixology world and it is a stunning addition to almost any cocktail. It works as a fantastic replacement for most base spirits and has infused itself well with everything we have tried it with so far (more exciting info on that soon.)