Annandale Distillery – the first distillery in Scotland

December 12, 2018

Annandale Distillery – the first distillery in Scotland

We’ve collaborated with myhotelbreak and they wanted to find out why their customers should visit us here at Annandale Distillery. Let’s find out what they discovered:

One of the most memorable parts of a well-earned hotel break is having unique attractions to visit during your getaway. For those looking to experience a real Scottish vacation or even looking for a day trip when staying in hotels in the Lake District, we highly recommend visiting Annandale Distillery. Located just 8 miles west of the M6/M74 Gretna junction, it's (geographically) the first distillery in Scotland!

Let’s find out more…

Annandale Distillery is the perfect place to visit for the day whether you’re staying nearby or further afield.

The Distillery was established by businessman George Donald in 1836, and owned and operated by the Donald family until 1883. Another businessman, John Sykes Gardner, upgraded the site and held onto it until 1893 when it came into the ownership of a certain Johnnie Walker and Sons. The Distillery team believe that Annandale would have produced peated whisky for Johnnie Walker’s blended whisky. The site was closed after WWI and, used as farm buildings, fell into disrepair.

It was many years later in 2006 that Teresa Church and Professor David Thomson (born and raised in nearby Dumfries) discovered Annandale in the pages of ‘Scotch Missed’, a compendium of lost whisky distilleries. They immediately set about purchasing the site and eight years and £14m later, Annandale Distillery opened its doors and began production in 2014.

What to experience…

Whisky at Annandale
Annandale’s fine Single Malt Scotch Whisky is well worth a visit. Production began in 2014, and the first bottles were launched in 2018. Annandale’s rare and exclusive (and highly collectable) inaugural 2014 release is available to buy onsite, as is a 2015 release, which includes a limited number of bottles matured in authentic Oloroso sherry butts. Click here to find out what’s available > 

Taking a distillery tour is a must during your visit here. All tours end with a taste of Annandale’s exceptional clear malt spirit, Rascally Liquor, and fine single cask, single malt Scotch whiskies, Man O’Words and Man O’Sword.
Let’s check out some of the tours on offer:

Classic Distillery Tour
Discover Annandale’s unique distillation process, twin copper spirit stills and the history of the site, finishing with a taste of their clear malt spirit (unaged whisky) and single cask, single malts Man O'Words and Man O'Sword..

The Restoration Tour
The Restoration Tour covers builds on the Classic Tour with more depth around the sympathetic restoration of the distillery buildings. Tour ends with a tasting.

Distillery Technical Tour
The Technical Tour offers a more in-depth understanding of Annandale’s whisky making process. This is for the real enthusiasts! Tour ends with a tasting.

Distillery Owner Tour
The man behind the resurrection story. This wonderfully insightful tour by owner David Thomson covers the whole story from June 2006 until now. You’ll learn about the characters of the project, from the engineers to the architects to the archaeologists and more. You might even be lucky enough to hear some Burns poetry! Tour ends with a tasting.

It’s important to note that tours should be booked in advance and you can do so by calling +44 1461 207817. Book Classic Tours online here >


Dine at Annandale
For those looking to have a bite to eat during their day at Annandale, The Maltings Coffee Shop is a must visit. Open from 9am to 5pm throughout the week and Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sunday you can choose from an array of hearty Scottish food as well as local craft beers, wines, ciders - and of course a wide range of whisky. Click here to view the menu > 

Gift Shop
Take memories away with you from the Annandale Distillery gift shop. From fine food and drink, to clothing to glassware, you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Oh, and of course, a range of whisky and other spirits.


Private Cask Ownership

Looking to be a part of Annandale history? Become part of a unique group of Cask Owners. Click here for more information >

Annandale Distillery is a place to be discovered during your next hotel break. We can’t recommend it enough!

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